Dharamsala Stadium: Pioneering SIS Grass Technology

Dharamshala stadium

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association HPCA Dharamshala stadium stands as a trailblazer in Indian cricket, being the first to embrace SIS Grass technology. This innovative approach blends natural and artificial grass to enhance the ground’s longevity and player safety. HPCA Dharamshala stadium , renowned for its breathtaking beauty, aims to elevate the sport to new heights in the nation by integrating this modern technology.

The Impact of SIS Grass on Cricket Grounds

Central to this transformation is the Universal machine, a creation of SIS Grass in 2017. By incorporating 5% polymer fiber with natural turf, this machine significantly enhances the durability and quality of cricket pitches. This technology, already proven successful in the United Kingdom’s County grounds, including famed venues like Lord’s and Edgbaston, promises to revolutionize cricketing surfaces in India.

During the 2023 ODI World Cup, concerns arose over the outfield at the HPCA Stadium due to instances of fielders slipping and damaging the turf. To address this, the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 will showcase the prowess of SIS Grass technology, as Punjab Kings host two matches at this venue, ensuring a safer and more durable playing field.

This groundbreaking technology, originating in the Netherlands, not only extends the lifespan of pitches but also reduces the workload of groundsmen. With consistent bounce and enhanced durability, it combats the rapid deterioration experienced by many Indian pitches throughout the season.

Future Expansion of SIS Grass Technology

With Dharamsala stadium leading the way, the next frontier for SIS Grass technology lies in western India, specifically Ahmedabad and Mumbai. These regions will benefit from high-quality pitches suitable for both practice sessions and matches. As cricket evolves, particularly in shorter formats like T20, the demand for quick preparation of durable playing surfaces grows. SIS Grass technology emerges as a crucial solution, enabling cricket venues to adapt swiftly to modern demands and uphold the integrity of the game.

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