Evo Bac Bo: A Journey Into The Past

Evo Bac Bo is an online live casino game by Evolution Gaming. It is also known as Evolution Baccarat Boost, and it is based on two classic casino games: Baccarat and Sic Bo. You can play this game on these websites:-

Game Rules: Evo Bac Bo

A Game presenter hosts the game, which is played with four dice. Each dice is in its shaker, with two for the banker and two for the player. During betting, all dice shakers are activated at the same time. After all, bets have been put and the betting period has expired, the player’s first dice come to rest, followed by the Banker’s first dice. The outcome is displayed on the screen. If the initial dice are of identical value, the player’s second dice is the first to be stopped. When all of the dice have been thrown, the outcome is revealed on the screen. The player with the highest two-dice total wins.

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Set Your Chip: Evo Bac Bo

To choose the chip amount, click on the choice at the bottom of the screen. The betting amount may only be chosen at the start of the game. While the game is still in progress, the player should wait for the next game to begin.


Your payment is determined by the sort of wager you put in. If a tie occurs, 90% of your Player/Banker bet is repaid.

Bead Road

Each cell on the Bead Road indicates the outcome of a previous round. The outcome of the first round is shown in the upper left corner. Read the column down to the bottom, then begin at the top of the neighboring column to the right, and so on. A solid red cell signifies that the Banker has won. The player’s win is represented by a solid blue cell. A Tie is represented as a solid golden cell.

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  1. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, without the Joker cards. i really love it…..