Evo Cash Or Crash: The Rise of a Digital Empire

Evo Cash or Crash is an online live casino game that is developed by Evolution Gaming. Cash or Crash is a strategic and fun game show with a single stake and large potential wins. Place a wager and watch as the machine pulls various coloured balls that might represent the difference between success and failure. The game takes set inside a blimp flying over a busy city. The blimp lifts you to greater heights and larger payments with each green ball, but if you pull a red ball you tumble to the earth. The higher you go, the more money you win. This game is available on the platform below:

Game Rules: Evo Cash Or Crash

Cash or Crash is a 20-step ladder-style pay table ball drawing game. The ball drawing machine includes 19 green balls, 1 gold ball and 8 red balls. When a green or gold ball is pulled, the player advances one step higher on the pay table. When a gold ball is drawn, the player receives a Shield, which protects them from the crash when a red ball is drawn. Unless the player has an active shield, the game ends when a red ball is drawn. Until the game round is over, drawn balls are isolated from the rest of the balls. There is a larger possibility of drawing a red ball for every green or gold ball drawn.

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Place The Bets: Evo Cash Or Crash

Place your stake on the bet place and watch as the pay table of probable rewards is generated. You have the option of betting 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 2500 with a 2x multiplier.

Ball Drawing: Evo Cash Or Crash

When the betting period is over, the ball drawing mechanism selects the first ball.

Green Ball:- Your potential earnings increase as you advance up the pay table.

Gold Ball:- You move up a step in the pay table, increasing your potential wins, and you receive a Shield, which protects you from the game-ending effect of a drawn red ball. If the game continues after a Shield is broken, new multipliers replace the old ones and payouts increase for even higher winners (see “Payout after Shield is broken” in the Payouts chapter).

Red Ball:- If you have an active Shield, it is broken, and the game resumes at the same level as the pay table. The game round will finish if you do not have an active Shield.


The maximum payout for all winnings throughout a single round is 50,000,000 €. If picking CONTINUE might potentially push you over the 50,000,000 cap, your only alternatives will be TAKE HALF or TAKE ALL.

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