Evo Dragon Tiger: Mastering the Elements

Evo Dragon Tiger is an online live casino game that Evolution Gaming develops. Dragon Tiger is a simple and quick-paced game. The goal of the game is to predict whether the Dragon or Tiger will draw the higher-value card and thus win. Players can also wager on whether the Dragon and Tiger cards are the same value, resulting in a tie.

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Game Rules: Evo Dragon Tiger

The goal of Dragon Tiger is to determine which of the two hands will win, the Dragon or the Tiger, or if it will be a tie.

  • The cards are dealt from an eight-deck shoe (excluding jokers).
  • The player lays a wager on Dragon, Tiger, Tie, or Suited Tie.
  • The dealer deals the Dragon and the Tiger with a single face-up card.
  • The card values are as follows, from lowest to highest: Ace has the lowest value, followed by 2, and so on, with King having the highest (A-2-3-4-5-6-8-8-9-10-J-Q-K).
  • If the Dragon and Tiger cards are the same in value and suit, it’s a Suited Tie; half of your primary wager (the Dragon/Tiger stake) is returned, and wins pay out 50:1.
  • The top card wins and pays out at a 1:1 ratio.
  • In the event of a tie, half of your main wager (the Dragon/Tiger stake) is returned, with winnings paying out 11:1.

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Size The Bet: Evo Dragon Tiger

The bet limits panel displays the table’s minimum and maximum bet limits, which may change from time to time. To check your current limits, open the bet limits menu. The Chip display allows you to choose the value of each chip on which you want to bet. Only chips with denominations more significant than your current balance will be enabled.

Payout: Evo Dragon Tiger

The payoff is determined by the type of bet put. Half of your main bet will be returned in case of TIE or SUITED TIE.

Bead Road

Each cell on the Bead Road indicates the outcome of a previous round. The outcome of the first round is shown in the upper left corner. Read the column down to the bottom, then begin at the top of the neighboring column to the right, and so on. A solid red cell means that the Dragon has won. A solid yellow cell indicates a Tiger victory. A tie is represented by a solid green cell.

Big Road

  • The outcome of the first round is posted in the upper left corner of the huge road.
  • Each time the Dragon’s winning run shifts in favor of the Tiger, a new column is formed.
  • A cell with a crimson outline denotes a Dragon victory. A cell with a yellow outline signifies a Tiger victory.
  • A tie is represented by a green line through the preceding round’s cell. If the first round is a tie, the green line will appear initially, followed by the red or yellow outline whenever the Dragon or Tiger wins a round.
  • If there are two or more tie rounds in a row. The number on the line indicates the number of ties.

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