Evo Lightning Dice: How To Play

Evo Lightning Dice is an online casino game which is created by Evolution Gaming which is one of the greatest European gaming providers. The fact that it mixes dice, is the easiest game ever, with a chance to earn a lot of money. Given that it is quick and simple to play, it makes sense that it raises players’ adrenaline levels. The guidelines are uncomplicated and clear. The players roll three regular dice and wager on what they think the sum of the three dice will be.

How To Play: Evo Lightning Dice

Evo Lightning Dice is live streamed casino game. It’s pitch-black and feels like a stormy night. The powerful lightning effect and the original method the dice were dropped enhance it. The live dealers are top-notch, expertly trained, and incredibly entertaining.

You can play this game on these websites:-

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Game Rules: Evo Lightning Dice

Players wager on the total of the three dice that are thrown in the “Lightning Tower”, according to the game’s straightforward rules. 16 different outcomes can happen, and they run from 3 to 18. The players may have placed a wager on a few numbers or all of them. With just one button click, the bet on all options is accessible.

The Lightning procedure starts once the betting is over. Multipliers are chosen to be added to one or more chosen numbers. The multiplier raises with each lightning strike and can reach a maximum of x1000. The dice are thrown, and as the camera gets closer to them, the winning number is eventually seen. All of this is done to provide excellent entertainment and a tremendous chance to win large on each wager.

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What are the Betting Amounts?: Evo Lightning Dice

In Evo Lightning Dice the betting amount starts from a minimum is 20 bets and the maximum amount is 100000 bets which can be enabled-multiplied double. The Chip Displayed allows you to select the value of each chip you wish to bet. Only chips of denominations that can be covered by your current balance with be enabled.

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What are the Bet Types?

On the lightning dice table, there are numerous wager types that each have their payoff. Over and beyond your earnings, your wager is repaid. In Lightning Dice, there are additional bet types besides numerical bets.

  • Low/High – Bet on the outcome of three dice totaling either Low (3-9) or High (12-18). Wins are paid out 1:1. This wager is invalid if the sum of the three dice is 10 or 11.
  • Any Triple ‚Äď Place your wager on this box to simultaneously cover all six Triple bets. If you roll the same number on all three dice, you win, and you’ll receive a 24:1 payout.
  • Any¬†Double¬†‚ÄstPlace¬†your¬†wager¬†on¬†this¬†box¬†to¬†simultaneously¬†cover¬†all¬†six¬†Double¬†bets. This¬†wager¬†loses¬†to¬†Any¬†Triple¬†because¬†you¬†must¬†have¬†two¬†of¬†the¬†three¬†dice¬†reveal¬†the¬†same¬†number to¬†win¬†1:1.

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Winning Numbers

The Winning Numbers display shows the most recent winning three dice totals, including the winning ‘Lightning bets’ with the applied multiplier.

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