Evo No Commission Baccarat: A New Twist on Classic Baccarat

Evo No Commission Baccarat is an online live casino game that is developed by Evolution Gaming. In this game, a player has to predict whose hand will win by having the value closest to 9. Although you can play this game on the following websites:-

How To Play: Evo No Commission Baccarat

A dealer hosts the game, which is played with eight normal 52-card decks. The following are the card values.

  • Aces are the lowest-value cards, worth one point each.
  • Cards numbered 2 through 9 are worth their numerical face value.
  • 10s and face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) have no value.

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Game Rules: Evo No Commission Baccarat

  • In the primary Baccarat game, just the numerical value of each card is important; the suit (Hearts, Spades, Clubs, or Diamonds) of each card is immaterial.
  • Before each deal, you must enter your wager on whether the Player or the Banker will win the round by possessing the hand with the closest value to 9.
  • If you feel that both the player and the banker will possess hands of equal value, you can place a wager on Tie.
  • You can also wager on Player/Banker Pair (P/B Pair), which pays if the first two cards dealt to the Player/Banker form a pair.
  • A dealer begins by dealing two cards for each of the Player and Banker. Baccarat is played with two hands: one for the player and one for the banker.
  • The round concludes in a tie if the player and banker possess hands of equal value. Tie bets win, and bets on the player and banker are pushed (returned).
  • The value of each hand is determined by removing the tens digit from a hand valued at 10 or more. In Baccarat, for example, a hand consisting of a 7 and a 9 is only worth 6 (since 16-10=6). Similarly, a face card plus a 9 equals 9.
  • If either the player or the banker is given a two-card hand worth 8 or 9 (a “natural” 8 or 9), no further cards will be dealt to either hand.
  • If the Player and Banker are handed two-card hands valued 0-7, the “Third Card Rule” is used to determine whether a third card should be dealt to either or both hands. The Player is always the first to go.

Size The Chips: Evo No Commission Baccarat

The betting chip may be selected at the bottom of the screen. During the game, the chip quantity cannot be changed. To gamble a chip, you must wait until the following round. With a double bet, the chip amounts are 50, 100, 500, 2500, 10000, and 50000.

Player’s Hand

Banker’s Hand

If the player’s hand is a 6 or 7, the banker’s hand must draw, whereas a banker’s hand comprising 3, 4, or 5 must stand. Whoever has the closest hand to a total of 9 wins.

Side Bets


Your Payouts depend on the type of bet placed.

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  1. i love this game bcz as it allows players to fully enjoy the game without feeling pressured to spend money on commissions