Evo Super Sic Bo: A Modern Twist on a Classic Casino Game!

Evo Super Sic Bo is a live online casino game that is developed by Evolution Gaming. This is an exciting game of chance played with regular dice with a face value from 1 to 6. The objective of Super Sic Bo is to predict the outcome of the shake of the three dice. You can play this game on the websites given below:-

  • BjBaji
  • Live Casino 24
  • 10 Cric

Game Rules: Evo Super Sic Bo

After betting time has expired, the dice are shaken in a dice shaker. Several bet spots- from zero to several- then have multipliers randomly applied to them before the dice come to rest and the result is known. If the player’s bet is placed on the bet spot with the applied multiplier, your bet is multiplied accordingly.

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Bet Types: Evo Super Sic Bo

You can place many kinds of bets on the Super Sic table, and each type of bet has its payout. Your bet is returned on the top of your winnings.

  1. Small or Big- bet on whether the sum of the three dice is Small (4-10) or Bi (11-17). Wins pay one, but these bets are defeated by any Triple.
  2. Even or Odd- wager on whether the sum of three dice is odd or even. Wins pay out at a 1:1 ratio, but these bets lose to any Triple.
  3. Total- wager on any of the 14 betting zones labeled 4-17. Total is the sum of the three dice, excluding 3 and 18. You win if the total of the three dice equals the Total number on which you bet. The winning sum determines the payout.
  4. Single- wager on any of the six betting spots labeled ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX, which reflect the six face values of dice.
    • If one of the three dice lands on the number you bet on, you are paid 1:1.
    • If two of the three dice reveal the number you bet on, you are rewarded 2:1.
    • You are paid 3:1 if all three dice show the number you gambled on.
  5. Double- Put your money on any of the six Double-labeled betting locations. To win, two of the three dice must show the same number. Wins pay out at an 8:1 ratio. Please keep in mind that the payoff stays the same whether two or three dice reveal the same number.
  6. Triple- Place your wager on any of the six Triple-labeled betting locations. To win, all three dice must match the number picked, and you are awarded 150:1.
  7. Any Triple- wager on this box to cover all six distinct Triple bets at the same time. To win, all three dice must reflect the same number, and the payout is 30:1.
  8. Combination- gamble on any or all of the 15 possible two-dice combinations. Winning pays 5:1.

Winning Numbers

The most recent winning numbers are displayed in the winning numbers display. On the left is the result of the most recently completed round: the sum of the three dice on the upper line followed by the result of three individual dice.


In the roadmap below, the Winning numbers are displayed in the patterns of Small (S), Big (B), and Triple (T) results. Each cell represents the result of a past round. the result of the earliest round is recorded in the upper left corner. Read the column downwards all the way to the bottom; then start at the top of the adjacent column to the right, and so forth.

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    1. i had really earn through this game … i hope it will help others too to earn .must try playing this game guys.

  1. I love how Super Sic Bo incorporates random multipliers that can greatly enhance your winnings. It adds an extra layer of excitement to each bet.”