Evo Triple Card Poker: Triple the Fun, Triple the Winnings

Evo Triple  Card Poker is an online live casino game that is developed by Evolution Gaming. The goal of Triple Card Poker is to beat the dealer with a superior three-card hand.

  • Place an Ante bet as well as any or both of the optional Pair or Better and 3+3 Bonus bets.
  • You will be given three playing cards. The three cards handed to the dealer are dealt face down.
  • If you’re confident in your hand, click PLAY 1X to place a Play wager equal to your Ante bet. Otherwise, press FOLD.

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Gameplay: Evo Triple Card Poker

Triple Card Poker is played with a conventional 52-card deck (no jokers). After each gaming round, the cards are shuffled. In Triple Card Poker, a three-card Straight has a better value ranking than a three-card Flush. This is due to the fact that there are fewer chances to make a three-card Straight than a three-card Flush. Individual cards are sorted as follows: Ace (high or low), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. An Ace can be the highest value card in an A, K, Q Straight or the lowest value card in a 3, 2, A Straight.

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Size The Bet: Evo Triple Card Poker

The CHIP DISPLAY lets you choose the value of each chip you want to bet. Only chips with denominations greater than your current balance will be enabled. After you’ve decided on a chip, place your bet by clicking or touching the relevant bet position on the gaming table. When you click or tap the wager location, the amount of your bet grows by the value of the selected chip, up to the maximum limit for the type of bet you’ve chosen. When you have bet the maximum amount, no more cash will be taken for that bet, and a notification will show above your bet to tell you that you have bet the maximum amount.

Game Outcomes and Payout: Evo Triple Card Poker

The outcomes are established by comparing the hands of the player and the dealer. To qualify, the dealer must have a Queen high or higher. Outcomes quick- reference table = The quickest way to see whether you won, lost, or tied a game.

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