FASTSPIN Royal Katt- Poker’s Royal Revolution

FASTSPIN Royal Katt is an online slot machine game that comes with 6 reels. This game is developed by FASTSPIN.

How To Play FASTSPIN Royal Katt

Select a betting amount and click the “spin” button on the bottom of the game screen to start playing the game.

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Size The Betting Amount FASTSPIN Royal Katt

Click the Plus (+) button to increase and the minus (-) button to decrease the betting amount. The minimum amount to start playing this game is ₹10 to a maximum amount of ₹5,000.

Wild: FASTSPIN Royal Katt

Replace all symbols except SCATTER, which only appears on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, with standard English.


When four or more Scatter symbols are present, they activate the Free Game Feature. The greater the number of Scatter symbols appearing in a single spin, the higher the number of Free Spins that can be obtained.

Symbol Payout Value

Moving To Wild

During any spin, symbols with silver frames may randomly appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. If these symbols contribute to a winning combination, they will undergo a transformation into a different random symbol, excluding WILD, KATT, and SCATTER, while their frames change to a gold colour. In the event that symbols with gold frames form a part of the subsequent winning combination resulting from cascading, they will be converted into WILD symbols.

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Katt Symbol Multiplier

During each spin, if a Katt symbol appears on the reel, it will reward a 2x bonus multiplier to any wins in that spin. If more than one Katt symbol appears in the same spin, their values will be added up. Additional Katt symbols may appear as a result of the cascading feature. Each “Katt” symbol will increase the bonus multiplier by a factor of 2. The bonus multiplier will be reset to 0 when the spin ends. In the Free Game feature, every occurrence of the Katt symbol will raise the bonus multiplier by 2 until the Free Game concludes.

Free Game Feature

When four or more SCATTER symbols are triggered, the Free Game Feature is activated. This results in the awarding of 10 Free Spins. Furthermore, each additional SCATTER symbol that appears in the same spin will contribute to an extra 2 Free Spins.

Free Game Feature

During Free Spins, every Katt symbol that appears will incrementally raise the bonus multiplier by a factor of 2 until the Free Game concludes. The Free Game concludes when there are no more remaining free spins. The Total Bet during the Free Game will be identical to the spin that activates the feature.

Ways Win

Each reel will display a random number of symbols, providing varying maximum ways to win in a spin. The highest achievable maximum way to win in the game is 32,400.

Cascading Feature

Whenever a winning combination occurs, the symbols constituting the winning combination will be eliminated, making way for new symbols to take their place. This creates an opportunity for consecutive wins.

Buy Free Spins

Use 100 times the Total Bet amount to purchase 12 Free Spins and immediately access Free Game mode! During each Free Spin, every cat symbol will enhance the bonus multiplier by a factor of 2.

Ways To Win

Wins are awarded to adjacent symbol combinations from left to right, commencing from the leftmost reel, with the exception of Scatter wins. Only the highest symbol payout will be granted in the same manner within a winning combination. Ways wins are amalgamated and totalled.

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  1. the most interesting part i found is the graphics and music which it really makes me feel to be in the game the whole day