Epic wins and prizes

  • Epic wins and prizes

    Posted by Lara on June 11, 2024 at 4:26 pm

    Tournament dates: 02/29/2024 (00:00 UTC+3) – 02/26/2025 (23:59 UTC+3)

    The tournament is held in 4 stages:
    – Sapphire season: 02/29/2024 (00:00 UTC+3) – 05/29/2024 (23:59 UTC+3)
    – Topaz season: 05/30/2024 (00:00 UTC+3) – 08/28/2024 (23:59 UTC+3)
    – Emerald season: 08/29/2024 (00:00 UTC+3) – 11/27/2024 (23:59 UTC+3)
    – Diamond season: 11/28/2024 (00:00 UTC+3) – 02/26/2025 (23:59 UTC+3)

    Total prize pool: €10,000,000

    Prize pools for each stage:
    – Sapphire season: €2,500,000
    – Topaz season: €2,000,000
    – Emerald season: €2,500,000
    – Diamond season: €3,000,000

    Prizes will be divvied up among players based on their final scores showcased on the in-game leaderboard.

    Tournament mechanics:

    Participants earn tournament points using a simple formula — divide your win by your bet amount. The more points you rack up, the higher you climb on the leaderboard.

    If you wager €2 and snag a €10 win, you’ll earn 5 points. In the next round, if you bet €10 and win €75, you’d gather 7.5 points, totaling 12.5 points overall.

    Additionally, 10% of the points accumulated in each season will be converted into credit points, boosting your tally for the final showdown.

    Minimum bet: €0.20. Should the minimum bet not be available in any of the participating games, the next highest bet will be considered the minimum.

    Eligible games: the Spinoleague category

    General terms and conditions:

    1. To take part in the tournament, the user must place bets on eligible games and score points.

    2. The number of points will be updated when the tournament concludes.

    3. Should multiple participants in the tournament table amass the same number of points, the higher spot will be given to the participant who managed to acquire the points first.

    4. Only completed spins will make their way onto the leaderboard.

    5. All prizes will be credited to the client’s account in the form of withdrawable casino funds within 72 hours after the tournament concludes.

    6. When taking part in the promotion, each user is allowed to use only one game account. The detection of duplicate accounts belonging to the same user will lead to the bets placed from these accounts not being taken into account for the purposes of calculating the results of the tournament.

    7. In case of suspicious user activity (engaging in fraud, colluding with other players or deliberately causing any sort of technical error), all winnings may be canceled and not paid out.

    8. By taking part in this tournament, you automatically agree with the general Terms and Conditions. You can find them in the “Rules” → “User Agreement” and “General Terms and Conditions” section.

    9. All bets, wins and cash prizes are converted to a local currency (the currency of the main account).

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