Hardik Pandya: “Yash Dayal would rejoin the GT playing XI once he recovers”

Following Rinku Singh’s tragedy, Gujarat Titans (GT) skipper Hardik Pandya made a startling admission about the pacer Yash Dayal‘s failing health. The UP bowler has lost 7-8 kg, according to the 29-year-old, since his most recent IPL match against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Dayal is now ill, he said, and would only return to playing for GT’s XI after he heals.

For those who are unaware, Dayal failed to contain KKR’s 29 runs in the last over as Rinku hit five consecutive sixes to deliver one of the greatest finishes in T20 history. The speedster has missed four straight games since then.

Hardik Pandya spoke to Star Sports after their 55-run triumph on Tuesday over the five-time champion Mumbai Indians (MI)

Hardik Pandya Said,”Yash Dayal became unwell and dropped 7-8 kilogrammes”

“I can’t confirm that (as to whether he will play again this year).” After that match, he became unwell and dropped 7-8 kilogrammes. His condition is currently not good enough for him to play in the game because of the pressure he had to deal with and the viral infection that spread at that time.

Pandya also said “At the end of the day, someone’s loss is someone else’s gain. Before we see him on the pitch, a long period will pass”.

Some GT teammates rushed to console him on the pitch after the nightmare

After Rinku Singh’s devastation, Dayal was clearly rattled. After the nightmare, some GT teammates ran to comfort him on the pitch. The circumstances in his hometown of UP were the same. Chandrapal Dayal, the cricketer’s father, reportedly told PTI that Radha Dayal had stopped eating.


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