How to Bet on Cricket: A Guide for Beginner’s and Mistakes to Avoid


Cricket is a popular sport worldwide, and many people enjoy betting on it. However, if you’re new to cricket betting, it can be challenging to know where to start. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about betting on cricket, including essential strategies and common mistakes to avoid.

Understand The Formats Of Cricket

To maximize your chances of making successful cricket bets, it’s essential to understand the different formats of the game. There are several formats of cricket, including:

  • First-Class Cricket: This is a high-profile match involving elite national or international teams. The games can last four to five days and feature two innings for each team.
  • One Day: Limited overs cricket, known as one-day cricket, is played between two renowned teams. A game’s specific number of overs is 50.
  • T20: One of the most well-known cricket formats, T20 or Twenty20, was launched in 2003. Two teams play this style of cricket, with each team having a single inning with a maximum of 20 overs. One of the most popular and thrilling cricket formats in the world, T20 features some of the most watched matches.
  • T10: T10 cricket or Ten10 cricket is a short form of cricket. Two teams play a single inning, which is restricted to a maximum of ten overs per side, with the game lasting approximately 90 minutes
  • The Hundred: As the name implies, the hundred is a professional 100-ball cricket league with eight teams for men and women. The England and Wales Cricket Board, or ECB as it is more commonly known, oversees this competition.

Cricket Odds Explained

Like other sports betting markets, cricket has odds that influence your payoff if you place winning bets. The odds are multiplied by your bet on cricket betting websites to determine your profits. Select bookmakers with the most excellent cricket betting odds, but remember that cricket odds change based on the markets.

Choosing a Good Bookmaker

Before you can begin betting on cricket, you need to choose a reliable bookmaker. Look for a bookmaker that has a valid license and covers different cricket tournaments. Check reviews of the operator to understand how it operates.

How To Read Betting Odds In Sports

Following are a few examples of odds and potential returns using decimals.

  • 3.00 = Win 3 times your wager
  • 8.00 = Win 8 times your wager
  • 0.25 = Win a quarter of your wager

Here are some of the most popular cricket bets


  • Outright (Winner) Bets

An outright winner bet is one of the most common types of cricket bets. You choose the winner of the match, tournament, or series. This betting option is also known as match betting. For example, if Pakistan and Australia are playing a T20 match, you must choose which team will win. This is the simplest form of cricket betting, but to make an accurate prediction, you must conduct sufficient research on both teams.

  • Handicaps

Handicap betting has become more prevalent in cricket betting, with more and more bettors choosing this market. In handicap betting, the bookmaker favors the underdog to level the playing field. Handicaps enable you to take advantage of increased odds in situations that would not otherwise be as favorable. For instance, if Oman and Scotland are playing, and Oman scores 400 in the One Day International game, Scotland would receive lower odds and a lower reward. To increase your odds, you could use a handicap of -30.5 runs. Scotland will have to overcome the disadvantage for you to win.

  • Over/Under Markets

The over/under market is another popular betting option in cricket. This betting option involves predicting the total number of runs or wickets in a specific match. The primary decision you need to make is whether the sum will be over or under a certain amount. For example, if Australia and Sri Lanka are playing a T20 match, the operator may publish the expected number of runs to be made during the event at 295.5. If you predict that neither team will score that many runs, you can bet under 295.5.

  • First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting

First Ball/First Over is a highly recommended betting market if you want to bet on an immediate outcome. This betting option involves predicting whether the first ball will be a wicket or a four. For instance, in a One Day International match between England and the Netherlands, you predict the first ball will be hit for a six, and if that happens, you win. Some bookmakers may be less specific and let you place a bet on the First Over or Under.

  • Innings Run

In this betting option, you forecast how many runs a team will score during the first batting session. Rather than specifying the precise score, you must predict whether the runs will be above or below a particular number. For example, if Ireland’s innings run rate is over 4.5 in a T20 match between Ireland and New Zealand, and you bet over, and the team scores five runs, you win. This betting option is one of the most popular markets at cricket betting sites.

  • Player Bets

Player bets are markets that allow you to bet on a specific player’s performance. For instance, you can bet on Harshal Patel, an Indian Premier League bowler, to be the game’s best bowler. To make a good prediction on these bets, you must conduct the appropriate study. Some of the markets centered on player bets are top bowler, man of the match, bowler bet – most wickets, and batsman bet – most runs.

  • Team Bets

Team bets are the exact reverse of player bets. With this option, you concentrate on the entire team rather than a single member. For example, you could bet on the Outright Winner in a One Day International match between England and South Africa.

  • Long-term and Special Cricket bets

Long-term bets involve placing bets on games that will take place in the future, such as the league winner or top batsman. Special bets involve betting on circumstances that may or may not occur on the field, such as most sixes or dismissal method.

  • In-play Betting

You should be aware that cricket betting websites offer various services besides pre-match betting. Instead, bookies also provide choices for live betting. This type of gambling involves placing bets on ongoing events. Choose a league, such as the Cricket World Cup, and the live games offered. The action will then continue, and you may proceed to place bets. Even though it is not the type of cricket betting that experts advise newbies to use, it is nonetheless interesting. However, it’s essential to consider a few things when making live cricket bets. First, the live odds are available for cricket matches while betting in play, and these odds adjust as the game progresses. Additionally, the markets do not stay open during the entire game. When putting live bets, you must stay current with these two criteria, or else you may need help to forecast the outcome.

How to read betting odds In Cricket

For a successful betting career, you need to understand how to read the betting odds. It doesn’t take much to read the odds as it is a simple task. The maths involved is also not that complex Cricket betting odds are depicted in two manners. They are decimals and fractions. Some bett

ing website allows you to change the format on which you want to see the odds.

Decimal odds

For example

In this example, let’s suppose India is against Australia in conditions that favor the Australians.

India: 2.5

Australia: 1.5

In this case, you simply have to multiply the betting amount with the odds. This means if you have bet INR100 on India you will receive INR250. On the contrary, if you bet INR100 on Australia you will only receive INR150.  

Fractional Odds

For example

India: 2.5/1

Australia: 1.5/1

The odds clearly mention that with the return of every 1INR you bet for India, you will receive INR2.5

With the fractional odds, it is clearly visible that for every 1INR that you bet for India, you will get 2.5INR for every bet & 1.5INR for Australia.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when betting on cricket

  • Not understanding the game and its formats.
  • Not conducting proper research before placing a bet.
  • Chasing losses by placing more bets to recover losses.
  • Placing bets on instinct rather than using a strategy.
  • Not managing your bankroll properly.

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