JDB New Year- Revamp Your Life- Slot Game Review

Step into the excitement of the New Year with JDB Gaming’s festive slot game. JDB New Year features 5 reels and 3 rows, offering a thrilling gaming experience filled with vibrant graphics and thrilling gameplay.

How To Play JDB New Year

JDB New Year

Select a betting amount and click the spin button on the bottom right corner of the game screen to start playing the game.

Size The Betting Amount: JDB New Year

JDB New Year

Click the arrow button between the plus and minus buttons to open the betting options. You can directly increase or decrease the betting amount by simply clicking the plus and minus button. The minimum amount to play is ₹5 to a maximum of ₹1000.


Free Spin Bonus: JDB New Year

JDB New Year

The Free Spin Bonus symbol adds an amount equal to the bet, and it can only be found on reels 1, 2, and 3.

Wild Symbol: JDB New Year

JDB New Year

The Wild symbol can take the place of any symbol, except the Free Spin Bonus symbols. You’ll only find the Wild symbol on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.


JDB New Year
The Fat Man symbol offers 10-1000 odds.
The 2nd symbol offers 40-750 odds.
The Fish symbol offers 10-500 odds.
The 4th symbol offers 10-400 odds.
The Orange symbol offers 10-300 odds.
The A symbol offers 5-200 odds.
The K symbol offers 5-200 odds.
The Q symbol offers 5-200 odds.
The J symbol offers 5-100 odds.
The 10 symbol offers 5-100 odds.


Every time you win on a line, the amount is increased by the Bet X value. When you play multiple lines, only the highest win on each line is paid. If you get Free Spin Bonus symbols, their wins are added to the line wins. For a win to count, the symbols must show up on a line you placed a bet on, and they need to be on consecutive reels starting from the leftmost one.

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    1. I don’t found it smooth in any way for me i feel it very tough ,and i don’t even understand the actual concept of this game,

  1. The vibrant design and celebratory vibes make spinning the reels a joyful experience. Definitely a game to try for a positive start to the year. hehe!!

  2. I find the new design of the game a bit confusing. It feels like they tried too hard and ended up making it less user-friendly.

  3. I was expecting a fresh and original experience with the JDB New Year slot, but it feels like just another overall slot game with exciting theme.

  4. Love the variety of goals from fitness challenges to mindfulness tasks. It’s a fully approach to revamping different aspects of life.