JDB Super Niubi – Win 88x your bet with the secret tips

JDB Super Niubi is a classic slot game developed by JDB Gaming in 2020. Niubi is a Chinese word which means “Awesome”. There are various ways with paylines in the game.

Game Features

JDB Super Niubi has a set of reels with a classic slot machine. It also has a background image that depicts a casino floor packed with slot machines. It consists of three reels with just a payline. JDB Super Niubi has four symbols which all looks like bull. The bull colors are red, golden, pink and golden bull. And they are made of gemstone.

Tips for winning

  • Having three matching bulls on a line gives a cash reward
  • Watch out for the following matching symbols:

Green, Red and Golden Bull = Prize

Pink, Green or Red and Golden Bull = Prize

Pink + Pink + Pink = Prize


JDB Super Niubi offers free spins without betting with your money. This free spin or demo mode allows a player to get familiar with the game. This can also increase a person chance of getting a jackpot. With the free spins, you can also get various multiplier award. Winning a large amount can activate the Free spins feature, hence giving more scatter symbols during the bonus round.

How to play:

  • Before starting the game, decide on the amount that you can afford to lose
  • Prepare your mind for wins, stay positive
  • Choose your bet amount. Try to choose various amount while playing to increase your winning amount
  • Click on the spin button.
  • Watch out for the spinning symbols, so as to accurately stop spinning at the right time.


Click on the below links and play the game:


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