JDB TreasureBowl: A Hidden Gem In History

JDB TreasureBowl is a 3 rows online slot machine game. This game is designed by JDB Gaming, an online game developer who dominated the market with Fish Shooting Games.

How To Play JDB TreasureBowl

To start playing the game select a betting amount and “click” the blue colour spin button on the bottom of the screen.

You Can Play The Game On Following Websites:-

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Select The Betting Amount

Click the “dollar” sign to the upside of the “spin” button to choose your bet size. You can wager as little as 0.5 bets and as much as 5000 bets at a time.

Wild Symbol And Buy Feature

All symbols can be replaced by a wild symbol. You can immediately activate the “free spins” reward in the basic game by buying with 75 times the current total bet amount. You can get a three-line win by activating the wild symbol.

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Free Spin Bonus

Three Wild Symbols may trigger a 5 Free Spin Bonus of Stage 1.

Free Spin Bonus Stage 1

5 Free Spin of Stage 1.

Any Symbols that appear on the reels will be locked until the end of stage 1 of the free spin bonus, and all symbols award wins shown on the reels can be obtained. 1 Spin Symbol appearing, will get an additional 1 Free Spin, to a maximum of 88 free spins. Except for Spin Symbol, when the reels are full of any 9 symbols, may trigger 1 free spin bonus of stage 2.

Free Spin Bonus Stage 2.

1 Free Spin Of Stage 2.

During stage 2, every symbol is a Mega Symbol on 1 reel. When the reel stops, the player will win the award of the appearing Mega Symbol, to a maximum of 1800x award.

Free Spin Paytable

Free Spin Bonus Stage 1.

Free Spin Bonus Stage 2.

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