Jili Agent Ace: Elevating Your Virtual Assistant Experience

Jili Agent Ace is an online slot machine game. Jili Gaming is the developer of this game. A super entertaining slot game will let you assist a detective or spy on the hunt for a top-tier drug dealer. The godfather is the target of the detective’s investigation.

How to play: Jili Agent Ace

Select the bet size and click the spin button to start playing the game which is on the bottom right corner of the screen. To play this game you can go to some websites like:-

  • BjBaji
  • VegasSlotOnline
  • JiliBet

Size Your Bet: Jili Agent Ace

To select the betting amount click on the “BET” option on the bottom of the screen. The betting amount starts from a minimum of 1 bet with a maximum of 1000 bets.

Free Game: Jili Agent Ace

There will be one bullet time symbol on each reel. A player may enter a free game when three or more figures are on the field. There are more free games the most bullet time. Maximum of 15 games will be provided to the players. A free game will not feature the symbol.

Wild: Jili Agent Ace

Rules And Paylines

  1. All winning symbols must appear consecutively from left to right, starting from the left reels.
  2. All winning scores = pay odds x bet amount/ 25.
  3. A total of 25 pay lines.
  4. Only the maximum winning amount on each line is paid.
  5. The game round will be invalid if the game results cannot be determined due to any kind of malfunction.


This video will give you an idea of how to play the game. The game has fantastic graphics, and it also has relaxing music effects which inspire the players to play comfortably.


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