JILI BOXING KING – Venturing into the boxing world

Jili boxing king is one of the popular slot games produced by Jili Gaming industry. The game offers various unique and exciting features, with a cool sound. The features make you immersed in the gaming world, and it includes the boxing and slot machines with the high-quality graphics. This makes you feel like you’re in the ring.


The game has 5 reels with 88 paylines. Each of the paylines provides great opportunities for wining. While playing the game, you can win two kinds of free games. The Free spins and the scatters, which gives unimaginable bet multiple.

During the scatter phase, players can win various multipliers, which increases the chances of winning.


  1. Align symbols: To secure a win, it is important to align any symbol in a row three consecutive times, starting from the first reel by the right to reel by the left
  2. Points earned: For each point earned, it is product of the multiplier and players bet, so it’s advisable to vary your bet while playing to increases your chances.
  3. Free spins and scatter: To increase your chances of winning huge, you can make use of the free spins and scatters. With the free spins, you can achieve scatter, combos or multiplier up to the 5th rounds.


You’ve gotten a good understanding of the game. Now, it’s time to venture!

You can find the game at:

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