Jili Crazy Pusher: Push To Win!

Jili Crazy Pusher is an online mobile slot machine game. If you enjoy those ball pusher games you find in arcades, you should definitely give this one a shot. The game is developed by Jili Games which is one of the best online game providers.

How To Play Jili Crazy Pusher?

To begin the game, just click anywhere on the screen where there’s no stuff. When you make the ball fall off the table by shooting them, you’ll get rewards.

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Size The Betting Amount: Jili Crazy Pusher

To choose how much you want to bet, just tab the bet symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen. You can bet as little as 0.1 or as much as 100 bets.

Use BET to shoot at Purple Balls.

Get rewards by putting a ball through a hole.

If you go through the Blue Ball slot, it will make the Blue Cannon shoot out free Blue Balls.

Passing through a ticket slot will get you extra coins as shown.

Passing through a golden ball slot will make a golden ball shoot onto the stage from the red cannon.

If you go through the same slot five times in a row, you can start Show Time. During show Time, you have a chance to collect Star Balls and win the jackpot!

Show Time: Jili Crazy Pusher

When the show begins, the turret will start moving its hands. It will toss out two free blue balls along with the usual purple ball. If any of these blue balls go into a ticket slot, the prize you get will be half of what you’d get for a purple ball. Also, the slot for blue balls won’t work anymore, and the slot for the golden ball will now give you a stat ball instead.

When the Blue Ball Show Time begins, all ticket slots stop working, and the Golden Ball slot turns into a Star Ball slot instead.

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Special Rule

When you put a Blue Ball in the blue ball slot, a blue ball light will come on, and if there’s already a ticket light on, it will turn off. The same thing happens when you put a ticket in the ticket slot.

Balls get prizes depending on the colour of the hole they land in on the roulette wheel.

Star Ball

Find the extra rewards you get under the ball by looking at the colour of the hole it lands in on the roulette Hole colour. If the Star Ball goes into a grey hole, you get 1 Golden Ball, but you won’t get any other prizes.

Golden Ball

Gold Balls come in different colours, and each colour has four levels of rewards. When a gold ball lands in a coloured hole, that colour goes up one level. However, the grey hole doesn’t give any rewards and doesn’t have any levels.

Golden Balls get rewards depending on their colour level, like the picture above. When they earn the level 4 bonus, they go back to level 1.

Free Turntable Game

Players collect energy when they start. When the energy bar is full, click it to play the free turntable game.

When you start the turntable, it figures out your current bet amount.

After the spin is done, you’ll get a bonus rate that matches your bet.

Then, you’ll get some energy for the next time, and it’s given randomly.

When the player goes away or the game stops for 24 hours, the energy will be reset. And after waiting for 3 minutes, the energy will start to build up again.

After 3 minutes of gathering energy, the system will use itself automatically.

Lucky Ball

When you bet in the game, sometimes you might get a “Lucky Ball” with a random bonus. If you use the “Lucky Ball,” you win a prize that’s your bet multiplied by that bonus. But if you leave the game or change your bet, any unused “Lucky Ball” will go away.

Jackpot System

There are two types of jackpots: Super Jackpots and Lucky Jackpots. Each time you place a bet, there’s a chance to win one of these jackpots. Here’s how they work:

  • Super Jackpot: If you win this, you’ll get 500 times the amount of your bet.
  • Lucky Jackpot: If you win this, you’ll get 100 times the amount of your bet.
  • The extra money that’s added to the jackpot over time is calculated separately. When you decide to place a bet, you can see and receive the jackpot that matches your current bet.

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