JILI Fortune Gems: Everything bettors need to know

In the rich Indian culture, according to legend, Garuda is a sign of success that can grant players unlimited wealth. In this exciting video slot Fortune Gems from Jili Games, you will experience the beautiful and mysterious India. And you can hit the jackpot if you catch three (3) symbols of Garuda on the reels.


We have most certainly run over a series of slot games, but JILI Fortune Gems made a huge impression. The shining rubies were hidden in the treasure box. Players were intrigued by the box’s gleaming rubies and wanted to learn more.


In this online game, the 3×3 small boards and 8 basic symbols make it easy for a rookie bettor. The ruby symbol will provide you with numerous bonuses. The column at the very right is the multiplier, it can be up to 15x.


There is only one way to bet on the Fortune Gems slot machine. Magnification symbols will appear more frequently in the betting mode. This game plans to allow bettors to play the game in an easy way. And they can track down their own fortune in it.


After several plays, it was noted that Fortune Gems is a mystical symbol of luck and prosperity. The majestic bird can appear on any reel and when it does, players will be rewarded with free credits.

How To Play

According to the combination setting, you only win a prize if three (3) identical symbols appear from the left to the right.


Spin three reels and the multiplier bonus wheel to hit winning combos with golden wilds, gems, and playing cards.


In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of the game to be undecided, the game round will be invalid.

Multiplier Bonus Wheel

The fourth wheel is the multiplier bonus wheel. The multiplier symbol appears at random with each spin.


The multiplier in the center of the wheel multiplies each winning payout. The available multipliers are: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x.


The golden wilds are the high-paying symbols, and they substitute for jewels and poker cards to create more winning combinations.

Hit three matching symbols on a payline to win. The paytable value will then be multiplied by whichever of the 1x-15x multipliers lands in the central position on the multiplier bonus wheel.

Extra bets

During the game, you can freely switch between bet amount and betting modes. The extra bet mode can greatly increase the chance of high multiplier symbols appearing.


Increase your chance of landing the high-paying multipliers by adding the extra bet to your staking plan when you play the Fortune Gems online slot at the recommended real money casino.


After reading this article carefully, you will realize that the aim of Fortune Gems is to hit winning combinations by spinning three reels. In addition, you can multiply your prizes by up to 15 times by spinning the multiplier bonus wheel. Include the extra bet in your staking plan to give you the best opportunity to hit the high-paying multipliers.


Despite having few features, the game was still interesting and dynamic.

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