Jili Go Rush: The Unlimited Plane Crash Game

Jili Go Rush is a slot game which is Developed by Jili Gaming. Jili Go Rush is a new game that is in trend among slot game lovers. The list of websites where you will find the game are:-

  • BjBaji
  • Milyon 88
  • HAHA777
  • LEON
  • 22 Bet

How To Play Jili Go Rush Game

In this game, a rocket moves upwards in the direction of the universe. Select the betting amount and ‘click’ on the ‘bet’ option to bet. The multiplier rises from 1x over time as a rocket moves farther until it reaches a particular point.

Cash Out: Jili Go Rush

You need to cash out before the rocket bursts or else you will not be awarded for the current bet. All bets are paid out based on the current multiplier when the explosive burst happens.

Twice Play

You can play this game twice at the same time. The twice-play feature provides you the facility to win more and more. You can even adjust the betting amount on both bet options. Bet before the launch of the rocket. If the rocket takes off, wait till the next round to bet.

More Detail

Starting at 1.02x, your winning multiplier rises as the rocket lifts off. Your bets multiplied by the winning multiplier in effect at the time you submit a claim will represent your total winning (To cash in, the multiplier must be at least 1.01x; the minimum burst point is 1.00x).


In the video, it has shown how to play the game. The game’s graphics and animation are awesome. The players are going to love this game. The game is very easy to understand and play for both the beginner as well as pros.

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  1. The game seems to be interesting just by the name of the game and the steps to play looks dam amazing 👍