JILI HILO: The Ultimate Card-Based Table Game

Jili HILO is an online card game which is developed by Jili Gaming. Players wager on the next card to be dealt, either higher or lower. The game can be played on the following websites:- BjBaji, Ckcbet.

How To Play: JILI HILO

  • To begin the game, choose your bet amount and press the “START” button.
  • You must decide whether the next card is ( stronger than or equal to ) or ( weaker than or equal to ) the one you currently hold.
  • You can skip this card b selecting skip, and you can skip up to 20 times per round.
  • The ace is the weakest, while the K is the strongest.

Tips To Play: JILI HILO

When you get K or A, please choose between equal to same and stronger than/weaker than. When you obtain a 2-Q, High signifies greater than or equal to, and LOW implies less than or equal to. If the same point occurs, HIGH and LOW are both declared victors.

Advantages Of The Game: Jili HILO

If the internet disconnects while you are playing the game, the system will automatically cash out your winnings and end the game. The more cards you flip over successfully, the higher your payout will be multiplied. Click ( cash out ) to finish the game and cash out the game’s accumulated earnings.

Bonus Game

There is a chance you will receive a golden card. When you flip over a ( Golden Card ) and correctly identify whether it is stronger or weaker, you will immediately receive one of the bonuses. You can still play the HILO game after all 0f bonuses have been distributed.


In this video, you will find out how to play the game of cards Jili HILO. The animation of the game will immerse the gamers into the world of gaming.

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