Jili Medusa – The Mysterious Medusa

Jili Medusa is a fascinating slot game produced by Jili Games. It has 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways of winning. During the game, you can get huge jackpots. So the higher the bet, the higher the symbol odds. You can also get the free spins, which eliminates the low paying symbols.

How To Play Jili Medusa

Click on the spin button that’s located at the bottom corner of the screen to play the game. The bet line wins is calculated in succession starting from the leftmost reel to right. Only the maximum amount of winnings for each line on the reels will be paid out.

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Size The Betting Amount

To choose a bet amount, click on the positive sign (+) to adjust your bet. After clicking on the sign, you’ll see various betting amount. There’s also the extra bet which can earn you double your bet amount.


Extra Bets

Free Spin

  • There are 8 rounds of basic games.
  • Q、K、A、WILD and red diamond doesn’t appear in the free game.
  • At the beginning of the game, the red diamond points will be added to “Scatter Win Points”.
  • A red medusa might likely appear and the player will receive a “Scatter Win Point” bonus and +1 round.
  • When the number of rounds is zero, the free game ends and all payline rewards in the game are added up with “Scatter Win Points” to the total prize in that free game!
  • When 8 or more red medusa are accumulated, the total number of points won for that free game of “paylines” is 2x!
  • When using extra bet, the base game rounds become 10 and red medusa is upgraded to gold medusa.
  • Gold medusa: +1x “Scatter Win Points” in next round!

Red Medusa

  • There are 6 basic rounds.
  • Symbol will not be able to connect a payline, but the game will have the opportunity to spin green diamond, yellow diamond and medusa.
  • The green diamonds add up all red diamonds winnings on the board as its own winnings.
  • To get the yellow diamonds: Adds all green diamond, yellow diamond and red diamond wins on the board as your own.
  • Red medusa appears with random Win Point and adds all red and green diamond and yellow on the board to its own Win Points.

Symbols Payout

The paytable shows the amount to be won for each symbol based on their reel position.

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