Jili MegaAce: Unleash Your Potential With Card Game

Jili MegaAce is an online slot machine game developed by Jili Games. It is a 6×6 game with 46656 ways to score a prize.

How To Play Jili MegaAce

You may begin betting by entering a bet amount. To begin playing this game, go to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Jill” button.

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Size Your Betting Amount: Jili MegaAce

To select the amount for betting, click on the bet icon that is located on the left side of the “Jill” button. The minimum wager that a player can select and start betting is 1 bet to a maximum amount of 1000 bets.

Extra Bet Feature: Jili MegaAce

 The additional bets function increases the betting amount by 50%. With additional bets enabled.
 The multiplier in the main game was increased to x2, x3, x4, and x5.
 The multiplier for the Free Game has been increased to 4x, x6, x8, and x10.

Golden Card

“Golden Cards” can only be found on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.
 When a “Golden Card” is matched, it is flipped over and becomes the Joker.
“Golden Cards” and regular cards are both regarded as the sane symbol that may be matched for prizes.


 Greater Jokers and Lesser Jokers exist.
“Joker Cards” function similarly to wild symbols in that they may replace any symbols except the scatter
“Lesser Jokers” emerge only when you match Golden Cards.
“Greater Jokers” emerge only when you match “Lesser Jokers.”
When a “Greater Joker” appears, the symbols on the board are randomly transformed into “Single Lesser Jokers,” the number of which is determined by the size of the original sign.

The size of the original symbol determines the number of smaller jockers.

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Match Multiplier

In standard games, the Match Multiplier appears as x1, x2, x3, x4, and x5.
 When you match and win rewards, your winnings are doubled by this quantity.
 Each spin’s initial try begins at x1.
 When you “earn a prize on the first try” of each spin, the multiplier for the second try is increased to x2.
 When you “earn a prize with the second try” of each spin, you boost the multiplier for the third try to x3.
 When you “earn a prize with the fourth try” on each spin, the multiplier for the fourth try is increased to x4.
 When you “earn a prize with the fifth try” of each spin, the multiplier of the fifth try (and future tries) is increased to x5.
 When you do not win a reward, the multiplier resets to x1 for your next spin.

Free Game

Collect three scatters to receive 10 free games, plus two more for each additional scatter.
 For free games, the Match Multiplier is twice “x2, x4, x6, x8, and x10.”
The “Match Multiplier” for free games functions similarly to the multiplier in conventional games, except that the numbers are twice.
 Collect three more scatters in free games to receive five more free games.

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Game Rules

There are 46656 ways to score a prize. Starting from the left-most reel, get 3 or more same symbols in a row to get a bingo and score prizes. All the symbols that score a prize will “flip again” and reveal new symbols for you to earn in tallied when you fail to score a prize. Win points on General Bets = Bet Amount X odds. Win points for Extra Bets = Base bet X Odds. The game doesn’t count if the system is unable to determine the game result due to any errors.

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