JILI Super Ace game: Tips, tricks, and general guidelines for betting

After several plays, Super Ace is an entertaining and easy slot game. This is a video slot with five reels and four rows. It is made using the traditional card design. The slot comprises the main symbols which are card suits, and the usual symbols Wild and Scatter. Except for scatters, the wild symbol takes the place of all other symbols.

Three scatter symbols enable the players to have free spins, during which, extra free spins can be won. Also, a chance to multiply winnings from two to ten times. In a normal combo game, the multiplier is from one to five times your winnings. In free spins, the multiplier is twice as big.

It would be unfair to disregard Super Ace Slot Game’s appearance. The original card illustrations serve as icons. And the abstract background and short but entertaining animations are included. JILI Super Ace is a card-themed slot game.

How To Play Super Ace Slot Game

The symbols in Super Ace include Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, and they have 1024 different ways to Win. Each of the identified cards has a golden version, which when cleared becomes wild. Only the middle three reels can be seen with them. Any missing basic symbol will be replaced with a wild card.

In this game, consecutive wins are rewarded with a progressive win multiplier. And a small or big wild card can appear in multiple other positions. Finally, the progressive win multiplier will be increased by ten Free Spins when three Scatter symbols appear.

Super Ace Golden Card’s Dynamics

  • “Golden Card” features only on reels two (2), three (3), and four (4).
  • After being eliminated, the “Golden Symbol” will transform into the “Joker Symbol.”
  • “Golden Symbol” replaces “Normal Symbol” pay and removes.

Super Ace Joker Card’s Dynamics

  • Only the “Golden Symbol” can change into the “Joker Symbol.”
  • We have two kinds of “Joker Cards”: a “Big Joker Card” and a “Little Joker Card”.
  • When the “Big Joker Symbol” appears, it will replace one (1) to four (4) symbols (except the Scatter and Joker Symbols). And randomly select reels two (2) to five (5) by the “Big Joker Symbol”.
  • The “Golden Symbol” only transforms into the “Joker Symbol” when it lands on the “Little Joker Symbol”.
  • “The Joker Symbol” can substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter.

Super Ace Combo Multiplier’s Dynamics

  • “Combo Multiplier” has four (4) levels in a typical game, and they are one (1), two (2), three (3), and five (5).
  • The “Combo Multiplier” multiplies each win and payout.
  • “Combo Multiplier” begins at x1 for the first elimination of wins and payout.
  • After removing all wins and payouts from the x1 multiplier level, the “Combo Multiplier” will increase to x2.
  • The “Combo Multiplier” will be raised to x3 after eliminating any wins and payouts from the multiplier level as x2.
  • The “Combo Multiplier” will be raised to x5 after eliminating any wins and payouts from the multiplier level as x3.

How Does It Work?

When the “golden poker” is removed, it offers a chance to generate infinity combinations and a five-fold bonus. If the gold poker match is performed correctly, free spins begin with at least ten rounds.

However, Players must aim for a combo multiplier that doubles their winnings. Ace Spades offers the highest odds, followed by King, Queen, Soldier, Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club.

Where can I play JILI Super Ace game?

Bettors can freely use any device with internet access to play and win Super Ace Slot Game at any time and location.
It is highly recommended that users play HERE.



With the Super Ace slot, players can hit all of the paylines, making that dream a reality. Immediately after the “golden poker” wins, it becomes wild at the same location, resulting in higher multipliers for more combinations. Symbols will be replaced and repaired.

A free game with doubled combo chances can be accessed by collecting three scatter symbols.
All in all, the relaxing music makes the JILI Super Ace game even more enjoyable.

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