Jili Super Ace – How To Perfect The Card Game

Online slot machine Jili Super Ace was created by Jili Games. Those who enjoy playing the card game  “Jili Super Ace” game undoubtedly are the main target audience for this game. Slot aficionados can play the game and possibly win a significant sum of money, thus the game is successful in attracting players attention to play.

Decide On Your Bet Size

In the Jili Super Ace you can choose any one of the bet amounts as displayed in the above image. The minimum amount to bet, starts from 0.5 to 1000 bets. The betting amount is such a flexible that both beginner and pro players can bet accordingly. The graphics of the game is well designed that pleasing to the viewers and the game’s sound effects make it more enjoyable to play.

Instructions And Gameplay

You can just start playing the game by simply clicking the Jili Super Ace icon in the website. With the exciting card suits King, Queen, Ace and Jack, makes the game more thrilling. Moreover playing this game is extremely simple. Therefore one may simply grasp how the game should be played without any hustle by watching the video.

Buy Bonus in Jili Super Ace

In The Top right corner of the screen you can see that the bonus feature is available. You can add additional bonus starting from 0.5 bets to 100 bets according to the quantity. Not only you can spin but also roll the cards from the bonus option using the stakes you choose to use.

Jili Super Game- Golden Cards

  1. The Golden Cards specially appears only in 2, 3 and 4 reels.
  2. “Golden Symbol” will switch sides and become “Joker Symbol.” after elimination

Jili Super Ace Slot Machine- Elimination Multiplier

In this typical game, “The Combo Multiplier” features four levels: 2x, 4x, 6x and 10x. The “Combo Multiplier” clearly multiplies each win and also payout. The free game with 10 free spins initiated by three or more scatter symbols. The “Combo Multiplayer” level has different rules than the free game, which otherwise follows typical game rules.

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