JILI Twinwins- Twin the Thrill

Jili Twinwins is an online slot machine game that comes with 5 reels and 3 rows. Jili Gaming is the developer of this game.

How To Play Jili Twinwins?

To play this game simply click on the spin button that is located in the bottom right corner of the game screen along with selecting a betting amount.

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Selecting a Betting Amount: Jili Twinwins

To open the betting menu, just tap on the bet icon at the bottom of the screen. You can bet as little as 1 bet or as much as 1000 bets.

Roulette- Special Pocket Mode: Jili Twinwins

  • At the start of every regular game round, there’s a possibility of starting a special pocket mode!
  • When the spinning stops, the two wheels might show the same things.
  • Besides the two wheels that start the special game, there’s a chance that the game could include three, four, or even all five wheels’ results.
  • If you get more of the same symbols on different spins, it becomes easier to win! You also have a chance to win a Full Reel Prize!

Paytable: Jili Twinwins

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Game Rules

  • TWIN WINS is a kind of video game with 5 columns, 3 rows, and 243 different ways to win.
  • To win a prize, you need to get a sequence of symbols that starts from the left side of the game and goes to the right, following the rules in the paytable.

  • You’ll only get paid the most money you can win on each line.
  • The amount you win is calculated like this: How much you bet divided by 30, then multiplied by how many lines you’re playing, and finally, that result is multiplied by how much you get paid.
  • If something goes wrong with the game and it’s not clear who won, that round of the game doesn’t count.

Extra Bets

If you want to make extra bets, you’ll need to pay an extra 50% of your original bet. When you make extra bets, you can spin the special Twin wheel again for free if you don’t win a prize the first time.

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