JILI Wild Ace: Exploring the Excitement


Jili Wild Ace is an online slot machine game. If you are a massive fan of the Jili Super Ace and Jili Mega Ace then this game is for you. It is a 4×5 game with 1024 paylines. The developer of this game is Jili Gaming.

How To Play Jili Wild Ace

“Click” the Jill button to “Spin” the wheel by selecting the betting amount.

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Choose The Betting Amount

To choose the betting amount click the “Bet” icon on the left side of the “Jill” button. You can select any one betting amount from the given options on the screen. The minimum amount to start betting starts with 1 bet to a maximum amount of 1000 bets.

Golden Card

  • When the specified number of Matches has been reached, the player can specify Symbols and turn them into Golden Symbols.
  • The Golden Symbols are treated as Wilds and can replace any Symbol (except for Scatter Symbol)
  • The upgraded Symbols will remain in effect until the end of the round.

Wild Symbols

The Wild Symbol can replace any Symbol (except for the Scatter Symbol).

Free Game

  • When any 3 or more appears, the player can get 8 round of Free Games.
  • During Free Game, each time a Symbol is upgraded, the player can get an additional Payout Multipliers. The higher the amount of Matches players get, the higher the payout Multiplier will be.
  • A symbol upgraded during the free game will trigger ” Aces and Kings” after the round ends.
  • In the “Ace and Kings”, the player can choose from two cards that indicate the number of available free rounds. If the player picks the Gold Card, a large number of free rounds will be rewarded.
  • The upgraded Symbols will remain in effect until the end of the Round.
  • All wins and pays are multiplied by the “Payout Multipliers”.

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Payouts are shown as bet = 1.

Game Rules

  1. The slot machine has five reels. On neighboring reels, all winning symbols pay left to right, beginning with the reel on the far left. Awards can be won by landing three or more symbols.
  2. The “Cascading Reels” rule states that after a victory, the winning symbols are taken out and new ones replace them to allow for future wins under the same wager. This cycle is repeated until there is no more money to be won.
  3. A game can have a maximum of 20 matches in a single round. The Round will come to a close and the Payout will be decided upon when 20 Matches are obtained!
  4. Only the highest amount is paid for every payline.
  5. The RTP of this game is 97.00%.

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