Jili Win Drop- Drop Your Winnings

Jili Win Drop is an online ball-dropping slot game that is developed by Jili Games. It comes with three volatility options: Low, Normal, and High. This game includes an automatic spinning feature that can go on indefinitely.

How To Play Jili Win Drop

Select a betting amount and click the “start” button to start playing the game.

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Size The Betting Amount: Jili Win Drop

Click the “bet” icon on the bottom left of the game screen. The betting amount starts from a minimum of ₹0.1 to a maximum of ₹100. Click the “balls” icon to select the amount of balls you want to play with.

Gameplay: Jili Win Drop

Each round requires at least five balls, and the player must place a bet that is five times their previous bet each time.

Place the ball in the slot to receive the matching reward.

Adjust the prize’s risk level according to your preferences. This will impact both the main board and the roulette rewards.

Multiplier Threshold

At the beginning of each round, the player can set the position of the threshold. After that, simply tap “Start” and the balls will begin to fall.

When a ball crosses the threshold, its color changes. Each pass multiplies the player’s rewards: one pass by 2x, two passes by 4x, and three consecutive passes by 6x.

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Wheel Fortune

Drop the ball into the Spin gate to activate the Lucky Roulette and have a chance to win either the Lucky Jackpot or Super Jackpot.

The ball can boost the roulette wheel’s value using multipliers. Lucky Jackpot has 50x and 100x base multipliers with possible bonus multipliers. Super Jackpot offers 200x and 500x base multipliers with similar bonus options.

Happy Roulette

Players gain Energy when shooting a ball. When Energy is full, they can play the Happy Roulette game. It offers prizes or free balls. Winning a free ball locks their bets until the round ends. Energy depends on the bet percentage. It resets after Roulette ends or 72 hours offline. Happy Roulette deducts the current bet, requiring sufficient funds to play.

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