KM Coin Toss – Gamble your luck.

KM Coin Toss is an online table game with exciting features. The interesting aspect of the game is the usage of coins. the coin can flip to either the head or the tail and this dictates your win.

How To Play KM Coin Toss

To play the game, select the bet limit and click on “confirm”. The game automatically starts playing.

Get familiar with the game features.

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  • FachaiOffers promotions during special occasions.

Size The Betting Amount in KM Coin Toss

To play the game, you have to first choose the “chipper size”.

Choose your bet amount by clicking on the upward arrow symbol at the top right corner of the screen. There’s a minimum betting amount of 20, and a maximum of 526.

After choosing the bet, the game would immediately begin to play.


Lightening bonus

A bonus lightening symbol will appear every round, and strike on a random bet option, if it lands on your winning bet, you’ll get a higher payout.

Symbol Paytable

Lightening bonus wins up to 1.2x.

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