MG Fruit Blast: Blast Your Taste Buds

MG Fruit Blast is a unique match-three online game which is developed by micro gaming. Join the bartenders and help them blast fruits to tasty shakes on a 5×5 board. To play MG Fruit Blast you can visit some websites like:-

  • BjBaji
  • 1x bet
  • VegasSlotOnline

How To Play: MG Fruit Blast

  • Firstly, set your bet size by clicking the ‘SET BET’ and pressing the ‘PLAY’ button to place your bet and start playing.
  • Blast the tiles cluster by pressing on one of the tiles in the cluster to fill the fruits bar, and win a bonus game or super bonus prize.
  • Tiles cluster includes 3 or more similar tiles connected horizontally or vertically.
  • Blasted tiles are removed from the board and are being replaced by new tiles from above.

Game Rules: MG Fruit Blast

  • Every seven blasted similar fruit titles will fill a fruit bar and give a win according to that fruit bar multiplier.
  • Each fruit bar can be filled multiple times in a game. Different fruit bars can be filled in the same game.
  • A bonus game is granted by blasting a bonus titles cluster
  • The super bonus prize is unlocked by blasting the 777 bar.

Special Tiles: MG Fruit Blast

On the game board, 2 special tiles can appear.

  • Bonus Title: A unique bonus feature can be initiated by blasting a cluster of bonus tiles. There are 8 different bonus features in the game.
  • 777 Tile: A super bonus win of x1000 the total bet can be granted by blasting a cluster of 777.


Each bartender except for the first one has a unique bonus feature that is triggered by blasting a cluster of bonus tiles. You can select from the available bartenders on the Bartender screen. You can unlock the bartenders by advancing levels.


The game’s graphics are awesome and the sound effects of this game is very soothing.

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  1. I just love these kind of games especially this game looks so interesting and amazing i would love to play it .