MS Dhoni Blames T20 World Cup For Elimination To IPL Gatherings: Rediscovered Post From RCB Confuses Online

MS Dhoni

The internet has a knack for resurfacing old posts and comments that we’ve long forgotten, and sometimes it brings unexpected surprises. Just recently, a post from the official IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore made a comeback after 13 years. Originally shared on May 12, 2010, it featured Dhoni blaming IPL parties for India’s T20 World Cup exit. This post caught people’s attention when a handle called ‘TukTuk Academy’ reposted it along with an old scorecard highlighting Irfan Pathan’s performance. Dhoni’s statement from 2010 highlighted the importance of players prioritizing recovery over partying during the IPL, giving us a glimpse into a significant moment in cricket’s history.

Even after stepping away from international cricket in 2020, MS Dhoni continues to be a beloved figure. Fans eagerly anticipate his outings for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League, which only happen once a year after a lengthy hiatus of about ten months. It’s quite astonishing how his fan following has consistently expanded, as indicated by the latest figures from the official IPL 2024 TV broadcaster.

Star Sports recently unveiled a new technology that can gauge the volume of crowd noise at tournaments. Their findings revealed that the highest recorded noise level of 130 decibels was during Dhoni’s entrance at MA Chidambaram Stadium for the Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings match, which was the opening game of the tournament. Dhoni also made it to the second spot with a peak of 128 decibels when he hit a four against Delhi Capitals in the 17th over during his first appearance in IPL 2024 at eighth position.

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