JILI GOLDEN TEMPLE – Guide to multiply your bets.

Jili Golden temple is one of the latest games produced by JILI. Once again, we get surprised with it’s unique and captivating features. Jili golden temple can be played with any amount. There are over 10000 ways of playing the game and also over 10000 ways of winning th game. Before playing, you need to understand the rules, so as to enhance your winning. Knowing the rukes, makes you to be on the lookout while spinning.


the game is currently available at Bjbaji and Jili.


Understanding the game features makes it easier to play the game.

  • The golden image shown helps in multiplying one’s bet largely.
  • The gemstone also gives a good multiply bonus.
  • Winning the princess image gives an additional multiplier.
  • The swords give a mini multiplier.

All you have to do is:

  1. Choose your bet amount.
  2. Make it vary to increase your chances!
  3. Click on the play button, so the images can roll over.
  4. Carefully monitor the images, so as to stop the spinning at the right time.
  5. Then win the bet when the same kind of object can get linked together either on different row or column.

Apart from the secret technique to winning, Jili golden temple is a good choice because you can win various bonuses with the multiplier. this can be unlocked by getting the princess image. Jackpot!!!

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