LSG against MI: I played for my father, who had spent the previous ten days in the critical care ward.

Mohsin's Father was 10 days in ICU.

Participating in just his second IPL 2023 match. pacer Mohsin Khan 11 runs had to be put off in the final over. Against five-timers, the Lucknow Super Giants won by a dramatic five runs. In the final over, Mohsin did an outstanding job bowling to the destroying Tim David and Cameron Green, an amazing all-arounder. Mohsin Khan gave his performance to his sick Father after the victory. who spent 10 days in the hospital after receiving his discharge.

Mohsin Khan applauds Vijay Dahiya and Gautam Gambhir for their contributions

He had a great season last year. Even though he didn’t play. It has affected almost every IPL match this season. It was a pleasure to play this game with Gautam Gambhir sir, and Vijay (Dahiya) sir even though I did poorly in the last match. Even Krunal was talking with me, so I confirmed this. The run-up hasn’t changed from the previous over. I was trying to relax and avoid looking at the scoreboard.

Comment by Rohit Sharma regarding the LSG Game

As the Mumbai Indians Captain Rohit Sharma stated, Our Performance wasn’t good enough for the Game. There were also a Few Minutes of the game that we lost. We Pitched the rating well, However. We took over the last three games and gave up too many runs. however, how we started with the bat we were well placed for success, But as I mentioned, in the second half, we lost our way.

Mohsin Khan wasn’t participating in Cricket.

I had been told by the doctor that I might not be able to play again. Mohsin got away with having his bowling hand amputated after timely approaching a doctor after the match, the Lucknow Super Giants player said the victory over the Mumbai Indians. It was a really difficult moment, and I had given up on playing. I was helpless to even lift my hand at one point. “Forget bowling,” Mohsin said at the news conference after the match. thinking about the time when he was dealing with the injuries.

“I tried to straighten my hand, but I couldn’t,” My therapist helped me. It has to do with medical. As the doctor had said, it was very scary. They would have had to amputate my hand if I had been late by another month. I’d want to say that no cricketers should suffer this kind of condition. Strangely, my artery was blocked.

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