PT Deutsches Roulette: Elevating Casino with German Craftsmanship

PT Deutsches Roulette is an online live casino game that is developed by Play Tech. The game is played with a real Roulette wheel and a live dealer. We play by the usual European Roulette rules.

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Game Rules: PT Deutsches Roulette

Any tables have minimum and maximum position restrictions, which means that any bets on open positions must be within the limits specified in the Table restrictions panel. The table’s Min and Max signs reflect the betting limits for a Plein (Straight Up) bet. Some tables also feature a minimum and maximum table limit, which means that the total of your bets must fall inside those boundaries. The Limits panel also displays these limits.

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Size The Chip: PT Deutsches Roulette

  • If a gaming round is in progress when you arrive at the table, please wait for the next one before placing your bets.
  • To bet, select a chip and place it on the betting spot.
  • You can deposit multiple chips on different betting positions at the same time.
  • The timer in the game window indicates how much time you have remaining to place bets.
  • The game round begins after the No More Bets signal.
  • Winning bets are paid out at the end of each gaming round.
  • Place your bets again or use the Rebet button to start a new game round.
  • To bypass a turn, simply leave no bets on the table.

Winning Table:

Although the payout ratios are predetermined, the return is determined by the number of chips used in the wager. For example, in the Neighbours bet, the winning number is always paid 35 to 1. If a bet is put on five consecutive numbers, such as 11-30-8-23-10, it involves five chips. If one of the numbers is selected, the payout is 35+1-5 = 31 chips.

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  1. The random nature of the game makes this game so exciting as you never know where the ball will land.