PT French Roulette: The Art of Elegance

PT French Roulette is a live online casino game that is developed by Play Tech. This game is played with a genuine Roulette Table and a Live Dealer. You can play this game on the following websites:-

Rules To Know: PT French Roulette

  • The La Partage rule is used in the game. When the spinning result is zero (0), you lose just half of your even-money wagers, according to this rule. The regulation only applies to bets on Red/Black, Pair/Impair (Even/Odd), Manque (1-18), and Passe (19-36).
  • Any tables have minimum and maximum position restrictions, which means that any bets on open positions must be within the limits shown in the Table restrictions panel. The table’s Min and Max signs represent the limits for a single (Straight Up) bet. Some tables additionally feature a minimum and maximum table limit, which means that your total stake must fall inside those restrictions. The restrictions panel also displays these restrictions.
  • There are several methods for placing Roulette bets in Live Roulette. Each bet type covers a separate set of integers and is distributed differently. The Winnings Table below shows the payoff for all bets.
  • Roulette inside the bar is the figures on the internal areas of the Roulette table layout, where you bet on each specific number.
  • In Roulette outside the bar, there is the bet position on the outside edge of the board, e.g. Even, Odd, Red, Black, etc.

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Size The Betting Amount: PT French Roulette

The betting amount cannot change during the game. The player needs to wait until the next round to select the chip. The betting chip amount starts from minimum of a 50 chips to a maximum of 100000 chips.

Payouts: PT French Roulette

The payout value is as given in the table above in the image. The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 98.65% on even money bets (see La Partage Rule) and 97.30% on all other bets.

Game Flow

  • You place a wager on a specific spin outcome. For information, see the Betting Options and Bet Type sections.
  • The wheel begins to spin when all of the players have placed their wagers, and the ball is tossed onto the wheel.
  • The ball lands in a numerical slot on the wheel, and the outcome is revealed.
  • Chips earned are immediately withdrawn unless the service provider has enabled the option to leave winning chips on the table and you have enabled it in the game settings.

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