Rich88 Big and Small – Bet a little and Win Big!!!

Rich88 Big and Small is a table game produced by Rich88. It is a local and classic arcade game played online.

How To Play Rich88 Big and Small

To play the game, you have to make use of three dice. You can choose the kind of chip that you want. This can be found at the bottom corner of the screen. You can also make use of the “auto-betting” and “repeat” feature.

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Size The Betting Amount in Rich88 Big and Small

Choose your betting amount by clicking on the desired chips and the spin button. There are various chips amount.

Table Limit Instruction

  • When the player reaches the upper limit, a hint message will appear.
  • When the player places a bet succesfully, the system will first subtract the amount from the player’s wallet.
  • When winning a bet, the prize money will be calculated and given based on the odds and the amount that the player bet.

Symbol Payout

Players cannot bet big and small at the same time. You cannot quit the game while playing. You have to wait until the game is finished.

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