Rich88 Color Dish – Dine using the Color Dish

Rich88 Color dish is a Vietnam local traditional game with 4 double color red and white buttons guess combination of color scheme. This can either be single or double. The game was released by Rich88 in 2020. It has a low volatility.

How To Play Rich88 Color Dish

To play the game, you have to click on the spin button. Choose the chip size, the betting amount and have the game played. You can also click on “auto-betting”, to have the game play continously without stopping.

Use 4 red and white buttons to play the game. You can either choose the “even” or “odd” button. There’s no restriction on the combination. Click on the below links to play the game:

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  • FachaiOffers promotions during special occasions.

Size The Betting Amount in Color88 Color Dish

The betting amount is determined by the amount of chip placed, the minimum betting amount is 10 and the maximum betting amount is 5000.

Symbol Paytable

Table Limit Instruction

  • When a player reaches the upper limit, a hint message will appear.
  • When player place bet succesfully, the system will first subtract the amount from the player wallet.
  • When winning a bet, the prize money will be calculated and wining amount would be given based on the odds betted on.

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  1. i love the concept of this game ,its a unique twist on the classic match three genre and the challenging levels keeps me hooked