RT DragonsFire- Reel of Flames

RT DragonsFire is a video slot game you can play on the internet. It has 5 spinning wheels and each wheel has 4 rows of pictures. The people who made this game are called Red Tiger Gaming.

How To Play RT DragonsFire?

To begin playing RT DragonFire, just click the big spin button in the lower right corner of the game screen and choose how much you want to bet.

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Size The Betting Amount: RT DragonsFire

To make smaller bets, press the minus (-) button. To make bigger bets, press the plus (+) button. You can start betting with at least 10 bets, but no more than 2000 bets. You’ll find these options in the lower left corner of the screen.

Dragons Egg Multiplier: RT DragonsFire

The Dragon’s Egg Multiplier is like a special power that turns on when you win. When you keep winning one after the other, this power gets stronger and can go up to 50 times stronger. But if you don’t win in a spin ( except when you’re in Free Spins), the power starts over.

During Free Spins, the Dragon’s Egg Multiplier is always on. If it was already on when you got into Free Spin, it says on and keeps getting stronger with each win, even if you don’t win in some Free Spin.

When the Free Spins are over, the strong power you had goes back to the regular game, and it keeps getting stronger again when you win until you don’t win in a spin.

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Free Spins

When you see three Free Spin symbols on the reels, you get to spin the reels for free a few times. Choose a golden dragon to start this special game. When you’re in the Free Spin mode, the Dragon’s Egg Multiplier won’t go back to zero even if you don’t win on a spin.

Dragon’s Eye Boost

The Dragon’s Eve Boost shows up unexpectedly and makes the Dragon’s Egg Multiplier go up to 10 times bigger.

Fire Blast

Sometimes, a special Fire Blast can happen at any time. When it does, the dragon will breathe out fire, and you might get wild reels or free spins to win big. Wilds can take the place of any regular symbols to help you win.

Symbol Wins

Win Lines

In easy words, you get money when a symbol matches a special pattern on the left side of the spinning wheels.

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