RT RoyalGems- Unveiling Elegance

RT RoyalGems is an online slot machine game that comes with 8 reels and 8 rows. This game is developed by Red Tiger Gaming.

How To Play RT RoyalGems

RT RoyalGems is a 3000X multiplier game. To play this game select a betting amount and click the “spin” button on the bottom right corner of the game screen. The “Turbo” button on the side of the spin button allows you to spin the wheel faster skipping the spin animation.

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Size The Betting Amount: RT RoyalGems

Click the plus (+) button to increase and the minus (-) button to decrease the betting amount. The betting amount starts from a minimum of ₹10 to a maximum of ₹3000.

Royal Gems: RT RoyalGems

Super Gems: RT RoyalGems

The term”Big Gem symbols” represents multiple smaller ones. There are three potential sizes for SUPER GEM symbols: 2×2, 3×3, and 6×6.

Locked Clusters

When the cluster forms, it will pay out and lock for the next spin. The Locked Cluster will also pay out and lock for the next spin when a new cluster appears or the current one grows. When no new cluster o cluster growth occurs and there will be no payout on this spin the Cluster is unlocked. The Cluster is also unlocked after paying out for a full screen of Clusters.

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Full Screen

When all the slots are filled with clusters, a 2x multiplier will be applied to the winnings, and the clusters will be unlocked.

Crown Upgrade

The Crown symbol enhances a cluster and activates a Lock. Up to three Crown symbols can emerge on the reels simultaneously.

Symbol Wins

Winning Cluster

A symbol is considered part of a cluster if it is placed horizontally or vertically adjacent to a matching symbol. A win is awarded when five or more identical symbols appear in a cluster.

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  1. im very bad in playing games but this game is so easy to understand it made me easy to understand and the concept are also so fantastic !!