Shocking: Indian cricketers MS Dhoni, Rohit, Tendulkar suddenly stop receiving blue ticks on Twitter !

Overnight, a large number of Indian cricketers and other athletes from India and other nations lost their blue ticks on Twitter.
Three important Team India players from the past and present—Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni—lost their Twitter verification ticks on Thursday. The procedure to remove “legacy verified ticks” from Twitter accounts has started on the network since Elon Musk took over the business last year. Twitter developed “Twitter Blue,” a subscription service that charges a monthly price for the verified ticks, under Musk’s direction.

Former batsman Sachin Tendulkar consequently lost their Twitter verification

The great majority of Indian cricketers as well as famed former batter Sachin Tendulkar as a result lost their Twitter verification ticks. It’s noteworthy to note that not just Indian cricketers were impacted; one of the best football players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, also lost his “tick” on the site.

Under Musk’s management of Twitter, the coveted blue checkmarks that were formerly given to famous individuals, journalists, businesses, politicians, and organisations after authenticating their identities have changed. They served as a representation of authority.

Musk announced in November that Twitter would start charging $8 per month

Musk announced in November that Twitter will begin charging $8 per month for the badge in an effort to diversify its revenue sources beyond advertising. Later, the company offered checkmarks in additional colours, such as grey for representatives of governments, international institutions, and other official bodies, and gold for businesses.

In order to distinguish between automated accounts and accounts connected to the government, it has also started to recognise accounts with the “state-affiliated” and “automated by” tags.

With an additional $50 per month for each affiliate or staff account, the cost of preserving the marks rises from $8 per month for lone internet users to $1,000 per month for organisation verification. Twitter doesn’t validate the individual accounts, just as it wasn’t the case with the previous blue tick that was given during the platform’s pre-Musk management.

Basketball player LeBron James still has his verification checkmark on, indicating that he might be a Twitter Blue member.

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