Slot Machine – MG Isis User Guidlines

If you want a fun and eye-catching gaming experience, the MG Isis slot machine is a great option. The game has amazing visuals and entertaining audio effects that will keep players interested and entertained. The game also provides frequent wins, making it a wonderful option for players who want to increase their chances of winning a large amount of sum.

MG Isis Slot Machine – Gameplay

MG Isis is a 25-pay line game with 3 rows and 5 reels with a maximum payout of up to 10,000 coins. The game theme is based on ancient Egyptian mythology, with symbols such as the Eye of Horus, scarab beetles, and pharaohs. Each symbol has a valuable reward value, and to win, players must line up the matching symbols on the reels. Before the reels are spun, players can change their bet size and the number of pay lines they wish to use.

MG Isis Slot Machine – Symbols

Special Symbols in the game include the scatter symbol and the wild sign. The goddess Isis herself serves as the wild symbol, which can be used in place of any other symbol other than the scatter symbol. A hawk serves as the scatter symbol in the slot game, and landing three or more of them on the reels will provide you with free spins.

Bonus Feature

The additional feature of MG Isis is among its most thrilling aspects. To access the extra feature, which offers up to 30 free spins with 6x multiplayer, you must land three or more scatter symbols. For those who are lucky, this might result in enormous payments.


MG Isis is a very interesting slot game that gives the player to win large while immersing them in Egyptian Legends. It is a preferred option among players in online slot games due to its excellent graphics and music effects as well as its bonus functions. For the greatest chance of winning large, abide by the game’s rules.

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