Step into the World of Jili Bone Fortune: Where Fortune Awaits You

Jili Bone Fortune is a popular online slot machine game. Jili Gaming is the developer of this game. The game comes with 5 reels and 3 rows with 20 pay lines offering players a big opportunity to win more.

How To Play: Jili Bone Fortune

If you are looking for a horrifying Halloween-themed slot game then the Jili Bone Fortune is the best online slot machine for you. The game comes with a Halloween theme which attracts the player the most. To play Jili Bone Fortune you can go to some websites like:-

Size The Bet: Jili Bone Fortune

To size the betting amount click on the bet icon at the bottom of the screen. The bet amount starts from a minimum of 1 bet to a maximum of 1000 bets. You can change the betting amount at any time of the game.

Symbols: Jili Bone Fortune

In this game, the symbols contain Cat, Guitar, a Single burial, a girl in a Halloween costume, etc. Each symbol pays accordingly to its value where the highest-paying symbol is a girl in a      Halloween costume.

The Wild Re-spin Condition

  • The free spin is triggered when the wild symbol appears in the reels.
  • Wild symbol moves downwards by one position during each re-spin.
  • The free spin ends when there is no wild symbol on the reels.
  • Wild symbol will randomly trigger a wild reel expansion

The Scatter Symbol

  • In the main game getting 3/4/5 scatter symbols on the reels awards 5/8/12 free games.
  • Wild triggers free re-spin in a free game.
  • The multiplier +1 and multiplier stacking are both unlimited during each spin! The stacked multiplier is reset after the re-spin is finished.
  • Re-spin doesn’t reduce the number of free games.


  • All winning symbols starting with the leftmost reel, pay left to right on adjacent reels.
  • The highest win is paid per line only.
  • (Bet amount x Odd )/20 is equal to the Total winning.
  • Malfunction void all pays and plays.


In this sample video, you can identify how to play the game. The game’s graphics and animations are awesome. The game’s sound effect is inspired by Halloween itself.

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  1. I would love to play really looks so interesting 👍.can i please get the link of the game .