Sunil Gavaskar: A legendary Indian batter, named three historical people

Legendary Indian batter Sunil Gavaskar listed three historical figures from his generation that he believes would have flourished in the Indian Premier League (IPL). When asked recently to select players from his team who are fit for the IPL, Gavaskar nominated World Cup-winning skipper Kapil Dev as his choice for the all-rounder. He chose BS Chandrashekhar to bowl and Sandeep Patil to bat because he believed that both of their strategies would have helped him in white-ball cricket.

Sunil Gavaskar had three intriguing responses

Sandeep Patil is the only all-around player I would pick for the batsman position, and Kapil Dev would be my choice for the bowler position. Gavaskar made these comments during a Q&A session on Star Sports. “Look, a bowler, I would like to see BS Chandrashekhar play in the T20 format because his bowling action was not only suitable for test cricket but was also easy for him in one day cricket and T20 cricket,” he said.

Gavaskar also made a choice for the IPL team he would like to play for if given the opportunity. The superstar said he would like to play for MS Dhoni as captain even though Mumbai Indians were his first choice.

Perhaps the Mumbai Indians? If not, I’d like to become a player for Chennai Super Kings

Gavaskar said that I’d like to become a player for Chennai Super Kings. Because of two things, Chennai Super Kings. First off, the Chennai owners are passionate about cricket and have contributed greatly to the sport. Srinivasan Sir has made significant contributions to cricket. Also, it’s crucial to see MS Dhoni captaining the team from the captain’s chair in the dressing room. Is he equally composed off the pitch as he is on it? When a catch is missed or a fielder is not supported, does he lose his composure? The famed batter answered, “That is what I want to know.”

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