Top 5 Most Wickets by Gujarat Titans in IPL History

Gujarat Titans, in their IPL journey, have seen remarkable bowling prowess. Their top 5 wicket-takers showcase consistent excellence, embodying the team’s impactful bowling legacy.

5. Alzarri Joseph

Noor Ahmed, a consistent player, has participated in 17 matches and batted in as many innings. As a bowler, he has claimed 14 wickets, showcasing his effectiveness on the field. His reliability and contribution make him a valuable asset to the team.

4. Noor Ahmad

Noor Ahmed, a consistent performer on the cricket pitch, has showcased his bowling prowess in 17 matches, delivering a remarkable performance in each inning. With an impressive tally of 18 wickets, he has undoubtedly been a key asset to his team, consistently making significant contributions to their success

Bowler Match Inn Wickets
Rashid Khan 40 40 53
Mohammed Shami 33 33 47
Mohit Sharma 10 10 26
Noor Ahmad 17 17 18
Alzarri Joseph 15 15 14

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