Top 5 Test Series With The Most Sixes In India-England 2024

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5. Pakistan vs New Zealand (2014)-59


The 2014 Pakistan vs New Zealand series in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) finished with a 1-1 tie, with an impressive total of 59 sixes being scored across the three games.

4. India vs South Africa (2019)-65


In the India-South Africa series of 2019, a total of 65 sixes were hit. Out of these, the Indian team managed to hit 47 sixes, with Rohit Sharma contributing 19 of them.

3. Australia vs England (2013/14)-65


During the 2013-14 Ashes series in Australia, the Australian team completely dominated England, winning all five matches. A total of 65 sixes were hit throughout the series, highlighting the players impressive skills.

2. England vs Australia (2023)-74


During the exhilarating 2023 Ashes, an astonishing 74 sixes were smashed as Australia and England battled it out in one of the most enthralling series in recent history. Throughout the gripping 2-2 draw, a grand total of 28 players displayed their sheer strength by hitting maximums.

1. India vs England (2024)-102


The India vs England series scheduled in India for 2024 is poised to set new records as there have been a total of 102 sixes hit so far. Team India has been particularly impressive, smashing 72 sixes and establishing a new record for the most sixes hit by a single team in a bilateral series.

Records & Stats Of Test Series Sixes Scores:

Test Series MatchHittingSixesYear
1. India vs England721022024
2. England vs Australia28742023
3. Australia vs England652013
4. India vs South Africa47652019
5. Pakistan vs New Zealand592014

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