Record-Breaking Individual Scores in Domestic Cricket

Brian Lara, a former cricketer from the West Indies, made history in first-class cricket by scoring an astonishing unbeaten 501 runs for Warwickshire against Durham in 1994. This remarkable achievement stands as the only instance of a player reaching a quintuple-hundred in first-class cricket. Lara’s incredible innings were marked by 62 fours and 10 sixes, lasting an impressive seven hours and 54 minutes. Other notable high scorers in this exclusive club include Hanif Mohammad from Pakistan, Donald Bradman from Australia, Bhausaheb Nimbalkar from India, and Bill Ponsford from Australia.

Here is a list of the highest individual scores ever recorded in domestic cricket history:

Players Runs Teams Against Ground Year
1. Brian Lara 501* Warwickshire Durham Birmingham 1994
2. Hanif Mohammad 499 Karachi Bahawalpur Karachi 1959
3. Donald Bradman 452* New South Wales Queensland Sydney 1930
4. Bhausaheb Nimbalkar 443* Maharashtra Kathiawar Pune 1948
5. Bill Ponsford 437 Victoria Queensland Melbourne 1927

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