Top Performers With The Most Highest Successful Run Chases In IPL History

IPL history

The IPL is renowned for its thrilling displays of explosive batting and high-scoring matches. While it’s not common for teams to successfully chase down large totals, there have been some remarkable victories by various teams. The league is India’s premier sporting event, known for its unpredictable and exhilarating matches, often fueled by impressive batting performances. In the IPL, any team has the potential to emerge victorious regardless of the target, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty. Although scoring over 200 runs is considered a formidable challenge, teams strive to score big early on and adopt an aggressive defensive approach. Recent IPL seasons have witnessed an increase in successful high-scoring chases, highlighting the improving skills of the players.

Take a look at the IPL most impressive comebacks in history with the Highest Successful Run Chases In IPL History:

Stats Of IPL Highest Successful Run Chase Table Format:

1. Rajasthan Royals226/6224Punjab Kings27-09-2020
2. Mumbai Indians219/6219Chennai Super Kings01-05-2021
3. Rajasthan Royals217/7215Deccan Chargers24-04-2008
4. Sunrisers Hyderabad217/6215Rajasthan Royals07-05-2023
5. Mumbai Indians216/4215Punjab Kings03-05-2023
6. Mumbai Indians214/4213Rajasthan Royals30-04-2023
7. Lucknow Super Giants213/9213Royal Challengers Bangalore10-04-2023
8. Lucknow Super Giants211/4211Chennai Super Kings31-03-2022
9. Delhi214/3209Gujarat Lions04-05-2017
10. Kings XI Punjab211/4206Sunrisers Hyderabad14-05-2014
11. Chennai Super Kings208/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore12-04-2012
12. Punjab Kings208/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore27-03-2022
13. Chennai Super Kings207/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore25-04-2018
14. Kings XI Punjab206/4206Chennai Super Kings18-04-2014
15. Kolkata Knight Riders206/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore05-04-2019
16. Kolkata Knight Riders207/7205Gujarat Titans09-04-2023
17. Royal Challengers Bangalore204/2204Kings XI Punjab16-03-2010
18. Chennai Super Kings205/5203Kolkata Knight Riders10-04-2018
19. Kings XI Punjab204/2201Kolkata Knight Riders04-04-2010
20. Mumbai Indians201/2201Sunrisers Hyderabad2023-05-21

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