Unlock Your Potential With Jili Money Coming

Jili Money Coming is the most popular slot machine which is developed by Jili Gaming. The highest bonus multiplier is 10000x through which the player can earn a huge amount of money. Many players are extremely fascinated by this game in the online gaming market.

How To Play Jili Money Coming

To play Jili Money Coming you can go to the Official Website of Jili. After finding the game ‘click‘ the Jill button that is located in the ‘bottom right’ corner of the screen. You can play this game is many websites, some of them are as follows:-

  • BjBaji
  • SlotCatalog
  • Esball. eu

Size Your Bet: Jili Money Coming

To select the betting amount ‘click’ the bet icon on the bottom left of the corner. You can select the betting amount starting from a minimum of 1 bet to a maximum of 100 bets.

Rules Of The Game: Jili Money Coming

  1. The board combination digital marks are sequenced from left to right and represent the winning points.
  2. Blank spaces do not affect the number sequence.
  3. Raising the bet can unlock more game mechanics and increase the maximum winning points!
  4. When you win a prize in Special Wheel, the special effects of the corresponding symbols will be awarded for the round.
  5. When the respin is triggered, the prize can be won again.
  6. You will always win a prize with the Lucky Wheel!
  7. In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of a game to be unclear, that around is considered invalid.

Special Wheel

The front wheel does not need to win the line connect prize. The corresponding special effects will be given for the symbol the Special Wheel lands on!


The above sample video shows how beautiful the game’s graphics and animations are. From the sample video you can identify the game, how to play it.


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